Where in the World has Danny been?

Traveling the Gnome World has sure kept ole Danny pretty busy but I guess it’s about time to reveal what he’s been up to as of late… Enjoy!

Fall and Winter 2012:

Danny's camping mansion outside of Buena Vista, CO...

Putting Danny into Perspective!

Awww.... Danny's First 14er... Mt. Yale!

  Danny enjoying one of Denver's many parks!

 Danny at Red Rocks in Colorado!

Danny in Nogales, Mexico!

           Spring and Summer 2013:

Trekking through 2' of snow is tough for a 3" tall fella...

Danny visiting the  mtns outside of Fort Collins in 2' of snow!

Bouncing around beautiful Aspen-area!      Grizzly Reservoir!

DEMOCRAT! 2/7 summits CAMERON! 3/7 LINCOLN! 4/7 summits BROSS! 5/7 summits GRAYS! 6/7 summits TORREY'S! 7/7 summits

Out for a birthday stroll with Matt outside of Georgetown!

Checking out the beautiful aspen trees near Georgetown!

We're headed West! Driving from South Carolina and Colorado non-stop!

              Fall and Winter 2013:

Merry Christmas  from Danny in the Arapaho National Forest!

Where will Danny be in 2014? Only time will tell…


Traveling the Gnome World…2011

Pictures are worth a thousand words. So let’s have these shots cover the remaining 984 words.

(Hover cursor over the picture to see where in the world Danny is posing!)

Danny in Tanny-zania!

Here are some pictures of Danny’s experiences with Tanzania! More to come with expected great travels in September and December!

Gnoming Around…

Here is Danny just gnoming around some of our National Parks and places of awesomeness!

Rollin’ with my Gnomies…

Here are a few shots of Danny across 4 continents and a plethora of states and countries… Enjoy!


To start things off I wanted to quickly locate and share with you a picture of both Danny the Gnome and the Red Hat.

This is at Looking Glass Falls outside of Brevard, NC. They say that in some very cold winters, this waterfall completely freezes  over. Although it was VERY cold when I went, unfortunately it wasn’t cold enough.


Life is full of journeys. Some are short and some take quite a bit of time.

I’m sorry but I’m going to be bit selfish. This blog is really for me. For me to remember the travels I’ve been on in a humorous way. The “red hat” was a gift from a former youth and friend during Christmas of 2006 I believe. Danny, the Gnome, was also given to me as a gift to recognize my affiliation with the Secret Order of the Gnomes from Wofford College (a secret society of college students who go out and serve the community seeking no recognition). Alas, as I began traveling the country and the world in 2007, these two items have been counterparts in my journeys. This blog is simply a collection of photos of their travels and maybe a funny story from time to time.